Thursday, November 27, 2008

me me meme

While chewing, who better to consult on the subject of bodies and stuff than Mayhem? So, after chancing uponLucazoid's self-imposed challenge and Chris' Net neologisms, and still seeking flesh, I found that Mayhem had been pondering a topic related to change and the Net - having come up with a great question: "Just how viral is the bloggosphere in 2008?" In order to pursue this question Mayhem posted a meme - tagging six other bloggers in order to observe its spread - or stasis. Therefore, being one of Mayhem's (potential) contaminators, I've also posted the meme ....(see below).

Maybe you've been tagged too....?

Here are the meme rules:

  • Post these here meme rules on your blog.
  • Tell six quirky - yet boring and unspectacular - details about yourself.
  • Tag six other folk to follow and post these rules.
  • Go to each of the tagged folk's blogs and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

Here are the six quirky - yet boring and unspectacular - details about me:

  • I can wriggle my ears and dance my little toes out sideways and back without moving my other toes.
  • Despite being good at dancing, my ears have no lobes.
  • When I'm not hitting the fags too hard I can vocalise a note that sounds like a bicycle horn.
  • I have flat feet and a double curvature of the spine.
  • When I was ten and heard that my cat, Tabby, had died I fainted in my cereal bowl.
  • When I was a kid, my father, a brick cleaner, would take my brother and I to the ballet and the opera.

Here are the six quirky and spectacular folk that I've (potentially) infected:

  • I'm tagging Julie ...because I admire her grace and beauty.
  • I'm tagging Chris ...because he's cool.
  • I'm tagging Sonic Yootha ...because she's a hot BBox star.
  • I'm tagging Simpleposie ...because she knows how to ask a good question.
  • I'm tagging Her Royal Whoreness ...because her polemic bites me.
  • I'm tagging Chuck ...because you should always remember the folk that rooted for you when you were just starting out.