Thursday, October 1, 2009


drawing in progress #6b 
after sandpapering 

been posting these on the big book of face signs

Skanky Jane
i din' wanna lsoe so much from the top, esp on the left. but i'll try 'n finish it.
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Emma Sirona-Macdonald
maybe some sandpaper?
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Skanky Jane
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

drawing in progress #5

drawing in progress 5

missed 12.57 to the City
Caught 106 home

drawing in progress #4

drawing in progress


Monday, September 28, 2009


we just might have started our errant trajectories
keep an eye out for them at wordpress in the future now

Dear Sir,

Just a quickie to let you know I received, with much pleasure, your cock in the mail yesterday! Thank you! I'm just putting it in now for a random Hollywood Scarlet & Gold ride to the 13th Floor..... (elevators ...mmmmHhhmmmm!) What a nice surprise! And you have such neat hand writing too! Thank you, thank you!

( I am sorry! )

I know I've been a bit....(I don't know what) --- off tap? Maybe too it was 'coz I hadn't drawn anything yet? Soooooooo... (moving on..) how's about something along the lines of the image attached to this email? Same but different? It's all just *so* curious, obsessive. Obsessed. Will you be brutal again do you think?

Anyway, here's deep-throating with ya kid!

Eternally Yours,

syphilis ridden space cadet xx

drawing in progress #3


Sunday, September 27, 2009

drawing in progress

Leaving the Mausoleum

 drawing in progress

its so clean in here

and its oh so much better than those other places ive been
and your oh so much nicer though, your hands and your eyes are unseen

except in my dream.
in the crystal clear.

its all so barbara cartland.....
wheels are spinning in my heartland.....

striding the big grey black and white
streaking with greasers late in the night

putting it out there
stepping it out
hitting the high street
gone roundabout

its all in the foot move
its all in the walk
hits into the hip groove
all money all talk
its all in the pavement
its all in the soup

its just like a dream in here
fuck i gotta get clean of here

lov/err my tracks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009


(or i like heroin and heroin likes me)

i saw bob dylan and patti smith

that name brings a reaction knees sag
eyes roll
waists ribs giwayslightly to one side or the other

and she, apart
in response to their reaction
but looking to me

i in turn respond to their response
adulation vibration
it's almost as if i have climed inhabited the text
the patti smith text
warhol new york nico art
patti smith and attachments by skanky jane

i'm oozing it baby
and she apart
she's looking at me

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

submission approved

Editors of the Urban Dictionary recently chose to publish Skanky Jane's definition of: "street skank"

street skank

One who frequents and/or is an inhabitant of "the street" -- that is, a "skank" who lives, or is often seen, in "public" spaces. The term, which is used, predominantly, to describe a woman or girl, can then, apply to one who is "homeless" and/or (especially) one who is a street-based sex worker.

As a term used to describe (or "name") an individual whose employment is that of street-based sex work, whether that individual is homeless or not, "street skank" is often used in an extremely derogatory manner and, importantly, its denigrating meanings are additional to those implied by "skank": i.e. one who is often considered disgustingly foul, filthy, and sexually "promiscuous".

Some women who perform the service of street-based sex work have however reclaimed the term -- in much the same way as "whore" has been affectionately reclaimed by many sex workers in general.

"She's a street skank"

by Skanky Jane (with a little help from her crew) on Nov 16, 2008