Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It is written that the act of clearing your physical space has a comparable effect upon your internal space; chucking all that crap that you haven't sighted in a decade can have significant psychic resonance.

Using your material dustpan and brush mysteriously invokes its virtual doppelganger: an interior Hoover that rids you of all those familiarly patterned cobwebs and heavy debris - making room for... more bullshit ...or, hopefully, change. So... with this idea in mind, Skanky Jane went a-rummaging amidst her trashy corners the other day and ended up tossing the great majority of the crap she found there - out.

This rather liberating process pared Skanky Jane's Ruses of Pleasure down to a mere 13 or so posts which might be considered tolerable. And the change? Well, for a very long time now the Skank has had sweet fuck all of interest to say or write - but in future, instead of transcribing screeds of vacuous, mental vomit for the purpose of publishing it on this blog - she'll be leaving it out. You see, she's come up with the revolutionary notion of keeping her personal journal - personal. After all, the internet is a great place to visit, but who'd want to live here?

Never fear, Skanky's soul saving and multi-talented Bbox crew (that's us!) will continue to update the Bbox -and we'll keep showing-off all the great stuff the skank finds in her, or other peoples' pockets, at Found in Pockets. In the meantime, while SJRoP pauses, Skanky'll be stepping out - beyond the front door - in search of real time, flaneusial pleasures.

Remember, wont you friends - if you see her out and about - to Give a Skanky Jane a Break?